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Short term programs

At Element International, we believe in the value of formal and informal education. Most of us underestimate our true talents and do not know what we are really capable of achieving. Whether you are an artist, teacher, student or group, we are prepared to help you find an international short-term program to help you discover your Element, enrich your self-knowledge, and attain your full potential.


Thematic Camps
Our thematic camps combine the academic rigor of a high school classroom with college visits and dozens of cultural activities. We partner with dynamic organizations to offer the best in specialized theme settings such as leadership, politics, literature, performing arts and sports. These camps take place in both the United States and China and have a unique language development component on both ends.


Professional Seminars

Our expert seminars cater to groups of professionals looking to improve their knowledge base and further their current standing. No matter what your specialty, we set out to provide only the top talent in your industry. These seminars take place in the United States and offer rewarding sightseeing opportunities.