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Gold Circle

Element International’s education professionals have spent a great deal of time diligently researching every type of academic program available to the international community. We present the most complete and unbiased information eliminating the need to guess while making a life altering decision.


Pre-College Enrichment Programs
Our uniquely designed program prepares students for college entrance through a series of rigorous courses which take place at our U.S. partner high schools and universities during three consecutive summers. The courses include English language development, academic enrichment, test preparation, study skills and more.


Middle/High School Graduate
Since school selection is often the most difficult part of study abroad, we developed a direct coaching program that matches students with prospective schools. Students identify their passion and abilities to target schools that match their goals. Our step by step assistance eases the burden of the application process.


College Graduates
While Bachelor degrees offer entry into many professional settings, graduate degrees offer greater rewards. We’ve developed a College Selection program specifically tailored to college graduates focused on Career Preparation. Our goal is to move graduates into position to gain employable skills while pursuing a higher degree.

Study in China – If you are in for a life changing opportunity, this program is for you. American students are given an opportunity to study in China and prepare to enter the most prestigious Chinese universities. Through our specialized curricula, students accelerate language acquisition, improve academic skills and assimilate into Chinese culture.


Certified Professional
We understand the importance of continued learning at all professional levels. We are prepared to assist you in finding the perfect program whether you are interested in studies to earn a degree or a certificate that will allow you to continue to learn and grow in your field of expertise.